1. Commercial accounting (complete accounts):
– Keeping of accounting records;
– Preparation of reports and declarations;
– Revenue Office and the Department of Social Security;
– Financial and economical analysis;
– Human resources and payroll management.

2. Book of incomes and expenses :
– Maintaining records and registers,
– Vehicle mileage records;
– Preparation of VAT declarations;
– Billing statements from the Social Security entrepreneurs;
– Revenue Office and the Department of Social Security;
– Employee support.

3. Staff and wages:
– Preparation of payroll;
– Preparation of tax declarations, Social Security;
– Keeping personal records, pay slips, cards of benefit and documentation related to the employment relationship;
– Determination of income tax advance payments from employees and social security contributions – drawing up the annual accounts of employees;
– Preparation of bills of civil law contracts (orders, contract work);
– The electronical transmission of documents to the Social Security and the tax office;
– Preparation of transfer income tax payments from individuals and social security contributions;
– Establishing the right to remuneration for the period of lack of capacity for work.

The services of taxation advisory, liability protection, conveying declarations to the appropriate authorities and receiving documents for all types of accounts are contained in the basic price.