The first month for 1 PLN!

Buying into an absolute unknown is not a good business practice. Every one of our new customers will receive a single month of full service for one złoty.


Warsaw and adjacent areas.

The location of your company is of no consequence. We are ready to receive documents from the whole Warsaw area.

BERATER – an accounting office in Warsaw, Piaseczno

biuro rachunkowe warszawa-piaseczno beraterYou have most likely found our website for one of the following reasons –
you have either had a business for years, but still have received a rewarding level of service from your accountants or the accounting office that you are working with;
or , perhaps you feel that your company and yourself are lost in a maze of accounting offers present on the market.

What are the reasons to choose the BERATER accounting office?

1. We are in possesion of qualification certificates by the Ministry of Finance? No, it isn’t about that. Almost every single accounting office has such a license.

2. As a tax advisor, we are added on the ministerial list? It isn’t that, either. About 10% of accounting firms offer tax advice and retain tax advisors.

3. Maybe it is because we have references from satisfied customers? I can’t imagine an accounting office without this kind of references, except companies which represent an utterly inadequate level of service.

4. Maybe we have extremely low prices?
No, we don’t understate prices. We are of the opinion that the high level service should have it’s appropriate price.

5. Maybe it’s the ongoing insurance for customers?
All the respectable accounting companies have purchased liability insurance.

 an accounting office in Warsaw Piaseczno

Your business is risky and absorbing enough.

What then are we able to give you, above the level of other agencies?
The answer is: peace of mind. We take care of accounting and taxes and you run your business without need for such distractions.

This is what sets us apart: Few, if any, other offices offering accounting services have retained the same customers for periods of 15, or even 20 years.
And yes, we do have them. How is it possible, when the market is so highly competetive these days?
If you would like to, we can arrange contact with our customers, who will gladly confirm our claims.
If the above guarantees aren’t enough to convince you, you may wish to try working with us without cost and any kind of risk. Every new customer receives a complete monthly service package for 1 złoty in the first month of cooperation.